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Had you ever felt incomplete with the tools pursuing your client's Financial Goals, GoalPost will kill that feeling...

Because GoalPost is just about Goal Planning and nothing else, with a Razor Focus on Investment Solutions…

About GoalPost

GoalPost is from the house of Pulse Labs.

Underpinned with investment dimensions, GoalPost is created with a fierce focus on getting you to achieve your client's financial goals.

What comes out is a concrete Goal Action Plan that your client cannot imagine beyond.

What more, you can track the goal progress, literally on a daily basis. Not stopping there, you can also create a Model Portfolio and track its performance with the goal specifications.

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Surprise Your Client, Positively!

Being 'Easy & Effective' is one of the hardest things in Software Apps. At GoalPost, we have nailed both. Need an example?

Imagine you are having a conversation with your client over a coffee. By the time your client is half the cup, you would be presenting a Comprehensive Retirement Report.
That fast, but power packed with numerous simulations.
And yes, you are not carrying your laptop .

Experience GoalPost

Trust & Security



GoalPost helps you capture every little detail of your client's financial assets information. And also, empowers you with so much insight into future about how you can help your client reach his/her financial goals.



GoalPost's unique features help you with in-depth analysis about your client's financial status and makes you understand, simulate and apply on client's details to see your client reach his/her financial goals so effectively.



Your client's financial details are safer with us as we store them in a very safe and world class infrastructure (AWS). We give paramount importance to every detail we store. So, you will have peace of mind serving your clients.

We can give you 20 reasons (actually more) for signing up with us today.
You want to read all of it to be convinced?

Ok, Here you go!

Else, get ready to experience the magic.

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Key Players

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Faizal Baig

I am the guy who has put this whole piece together. But if anything’s wrong, blame the guys on the right. After all, I make them responsible. And Hey, I have been in Financial Services for Donkey’s years, 15 actually.

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Kumar NK
Head - Technology

A Geek, Nerd, Techie, Hacker, Dork. And that’s it, those are the terms I could find on internet googling Geek . But yes, I code more languages than I speak. And I have been doing it more than a decade.

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Manish Sarawagi
Head - Sales

If I am not selling Pulse Labs, I would be selling Narendra Modi. If I am not selling both, I would be sleeping. What to do, for me, `Sales is in the Air’, and academically qualified to do it with an MBA.

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